YOUCAN Edmonton

The YOUCAN website provides  leadership resources for youth and educators on non-violent conflict resolution to improve community relations. The website also offers publications of how programs by YOUCAN have been making change in their communities.

Congress of Aboriginal Peoples

The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples' National Youth Council provide  Aboriginal Youth living off reserve a voice within the congress and will  try their best to assist youth to locate necessary resources. The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples have also launched an Aboriginal Youth campaign for civic engagement along with a toolkit called Find your Voice. 

Assembly of First Nations

The website of the Assembly of First Nations provides informative links to policy areas, resolutions, news and media, and AFN's stance on issues/changes affecting First Nations peoples. This site  provides useful information in regard to Aboriginal human rights recognized internationally by the UN and nationally by Canada. It also offers an overview on the AFN Youth Council and its work in social development, the National Youth Summit, Tri-Council, and Forums. 


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