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Books with No Bounds

Books with No Bounds is an initiative that was created by two young Indigenous girls from Southern Ontario who wanted to reach out to other children across Ontario. They read that if a child has books in their home, their overall education level is higher. Since, they have been getting donated books and providing them to famiilies and households in Northern Ontario and across the globe. Their website includes information on how to donate and volunteer opportunities. 

Stepping Up

The Stepping Up resource, created by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services in Ontario provides information on youth leadership and ways to engage youth to volunteer more frequently. It describes the initial steps of providing more opportunities for youth to step up, harnessing their contributions and includes different opportunities around Ontario (4-H, Premier's Council of Youth Opportunities, etc).

Justice for Children and Youth

Justice for Children and Youth is a service that provides legal services for any youth under 18 in Ontario, including homeless youth up to the age of 25. Their website has options such as being able to talk to a lawyer and to learn more about their different initiatives such as Street Youth Legal Services. 


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