Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society (The Caring Society)?

    The Caring Society is a national non-profit organization that works with people in Canada in peaceful ways to help First Nations kids and their families have the same opportunities as all others. Visit us and learn more at

  • Why are human rights important for Indigenous kids?

    Not all kids in Canada get what other kids have even though human rights are something every child should have.  Indigenous kids often do not have basic human rights like clean water, good education or safe houses. It is up to all of us to help out and make sure that all young people in Canada are treated fairly and have human rights respected. 

  • What do I do if I feel my rights are not being respected?

    Almost all provinces have someone called an "Advocate" for children and youth. This is a person who can help you if you feel your rights are not being respected. Click here to find your advocate

  • How can I help to support the rights of Indigenous kids?

    The Caring Society works with many people, young and old, who help to support reconciliation and the rights of First Nations Kids. We do this through different campaigns and events. The Caring Society believes that everyone can make a difference and reconciliation is for us all! Check out "7 Free Ways to Make a Difference"!

  • What is the purpose of this website?

    The website was made so that Indigenous kids, and people who support Indigenous kids, can learn more about their rights and who to go to if they feel that their rights are not being respected.

  • What does discrimination look like?

    Discrimination means that someone is treated differently than other people based on things such as their age, race, gender or ability.

    For example, if an Indigenous kid is not able to get the same kind of dental care as a non-Indigenous kid, this is discrimination based on race. If a kid in a wheelchair is excluded from joining the rest of their class in an activity, this is discrimination based on ability. If a girl is treated differently at her work just because she is a girl, this is discrimination based on gender.