children and youth


Mindyourmind is an online interactive webpage for youth between the ages of 14 and 24 who are interested in learning more about or are dealing with mental illnesses. The website includes information on different mental health related problems, as well as daily tips and online interactive pages.

Youth Sector

This resource is published by the Chiefs of Ontario and encourages First Nations Youth to create their own youth councils so that their voices can be heard and experience leadership positions. The resource explains how First Nations youth may empower themselves and become advocates and provides information on developing a council. 

Aboriginal Policy Initiative

The National Reading Campaign has been doing work in Aboriginal Policy regarding reading. On their website is information about their initiative which includes three round tables in the next three years. The purpose of the initiative is to promote reading to Aboriginal children across Canada. They also encourage Aboriginal children and youth to read and write their own stories. Their website also includes many resources and an abundance of research surrounding the topic of reading. 

Amnesty International Canada

Amnesty International Canad is the Canadian branch of Amnesty International. Amnesty International's focus is to promote human rights, equality and justice through their campaigns and petitions on a variety of subjects that can include effected countries or individuals. They also have resources on how to be a youth activist. 


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