How to Access Services Under Jordan's Principle

This infographic explains how to access public services and supports under Jordan's Principle. Jordan's Principle is a rule the Canadian government has to follow that makes sure First Nations children receive the public services and supports they need when they need them. If you are a First Nations child or know of a First Nations child or group of First Nations children that needs services, this can help. 

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario help to resolve claims of discrimination and harassment under the Human Rights Code. Their website describes how people can file an application to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, and provides information about mediation services, hearings and other important information to consider if you have a human rights complaint that falls under the Human Rights Code in Ontario.

Youth Sector

This resource is published by the Chiefs of Ontario and encourages First Nations Youth to create their own youth councils so that their voices can be heard and experience leadership positions. The resource explains how First Nations youth may empower themselves and become advocates and provides information on developing a council. 


PovNet is an online database of different resources, poverty action advocates and government information. The website includes information on how to apply for EI, social housing, etc. It also includes links to government information, research and general information about poverty.

Canadian Human Rights Commission

The website of the Canadian Human Rights Commission provides human rights resources such as access to webinars, frequently asked questions, provincial/territorial links, publications, and media in Canada.  There are explanations of nationally recognized human rights, obligations and protections. The informative videos are accessible to a larger audience through the use of ASL, captioning, and voice-over. 


Healthy Children, Healthy Communities: Action Toolkit for Positive Change

The Healthy Children, Healthy Communities: Action Toolkit for Positive Change provides insight into how to engage youth, explains the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, frames health issues within a community as a rights issue,  builds upon community assets, and suggests activities to explore social and structural barriers in creating improved and holistic health outcomes for youth.  This resource by the United Nations Association in Canada essentially serves as a toolkit for social activism and community development. 


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