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John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights

The John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights provides facilitation resources sorted by elementary, junior high, high school, and community based on the themes of disabilities, environment, gender, peacebuilding, citizenship, and Indigenous topics. It also provides a facilitation guide to assist teachers in establishing a safe environment and respectful approach where all members of the group can contribute.  The search engine located on the site additionally allows for specific topics to be narrowed down.

Many Hands One Dream

Many Hands, One Dream is an initiative by the Canadian Paediatric Society to holistically improve the health of Aboriginal children, youth, and families across Canada.  The society advocates for Jordan's Principle and provides steps that community members can take to assist in creating this change for Aboriginal families. 

National Association of Friendship Centres

The National Association of Friendship Centres provides a search function to locate a Friendship centre near you and opportunities for Aboriginal Youth to have their voice heard as part of Aboriginal Youth Council.  The association offers resources through New Journeys for those needing service to aid in their transition to Canadian cities. There are also links to reports by the Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network, as well as  publications and policy initiatives from the National Association of Friendship Centres. 

Every Child

The website of the Society for Children and Youth of BC is a place to share your ideas and resources on children's rights. It provides links to resources such as  multimedia, assessments, information guides, workshop materials,  reports and research. It also, offers suggestions of five simple things that you can do to assist in upholding children's rights based on your role within your community.

Your Movement

World Vision Youth Canada is a Christian advocacy organization which has created the Your Movement website  to share stories of youth engaged in social change across the world. The website aims to  inform youth about issues relating to poverty and to support youth who would like to be a part of the  change with their own World Vision Youth campaign. 

Human Rights Handbook for First Nations

The Human Rights Handbook for First Nations is for people who work for First Nations governing bodies to understand and address human rights challenges in their communities. This handbook briefly summarizes which employers/service providers are likely to  be regulated by the federal government. It also provides quick facts, media coverage, publications, a toolkit for developing community-based resolution processes, and a guide for understanding the Canadian Human Rights act in Cree, French, Inuktitut and Ojibwe.


This website offers showcases of community action initiatives from elementary, middle and high schools across Canada.  It also provides information about Imagineaction initiatives that teachers and students can become involved in: Aboriginal twinning project, Canadian Defenders of Human Rights, Imagineaction Social Action Projects, Keep the Promise, and Poverty, What is It. Information is offered on community partnerships and a teacher account can be registered to track projects, share ideas, access expertise, and opportunities for professional development. 

Toolkit: Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination

The Toolkit: Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination offers strategies that municipalities can undertake to prevent racism and create inclusive communities. It provides specific chapters relating to the work of Aboriginal Peoples and Non-Aboriginal Peoples together in creating partnerships for a brighter future, and a chapter on youth engagement. These chapters provide examples of municipal strategies/programs which have successfully engaged youth and Aboriginal Peoples in forming the future of the municipality. 


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