Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario help to resolve claims of discrimination and harassment under the Human Rights Code. Their website describes how people can file an application to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, and provides information about mediation services, hearings and other important information to consider if you have a human rights complaint that falls under the Human Rights Code in Ontario.

Human Rights Council created under the UN Charter by the General Assembly

What is it?

The Human Rights Council is a group of people (a committee) from around the world who are meant to encourage the support and protection of the human rights around the world.

The Human Rights Council is there to take the complaints that are made about the government in any part of the world. This group is made of people from around the world to make sure that the complaints are treated fairly, taken seriously and dealt with quickly and in a fair way.

 How do they work?

Optional Protocol to the Convenant on Civil and Political Rights

This Protocol is a guide that tells you what you need to do if you want to file a complaint about a country that has broken an agreement about human rights. If you are making a complaint in place of someone else, you will need to get permission from that person in writing, to have proof. This will need to be sent to the Human Rights Committee.

How does it work?

Canadian Human Rights Commission

The website of the Canadian Human Rights Commission provides human rights resources such as access to webinars, frequently asked questions, provincial/territorial links, publications, and media in Canada.  There are explanations of nationally recognized human rights, obligations and protections. The informative videos are accessible to a larger audience through the use of ASL, captioning, and voice-over. 



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