Charter of the United Nations

This is a paper that explains what the United Nations is, as well as their goal and mission. It explains how the smaller councils and committees work inside the United Nations and all the different rules to being a member, the rights of voting, and the steps that have to be followed and the rules about the different people who have to be represented.

How does it work?

The Charter explains the reason for the United Nations. It is there to make sure that everyone has rights. This means rights for men and women, better living situations and freedoms for everyone, encouraging peace and fairness, basic rights of every person no matter their differences and around the world. It is a group of people that are from all over the world. They work together to bring harmony to people and countries that need help. This is especially true for places that do not have one ruling power or government. The people and their rights come first.

What else do I need to know?

There is nothing in place to make sure that the Charter is followed. It does give the basic information for all of the other agreements and papers that guarantee these rights and the committees that are supposed to take care of the rights and complaints. 

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