Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

This is an agreement that talks about respecting the basic rights and freedoms of all humans without discriminating against anyone. This agreement is more specific to those rights for people with disabilities. It mentions what responsibilities the government has toward people with disabilities and what rules they need to follow to make sure that their rights are respected and that there is no discrimination and that people with disabilities have the same respect and chances as everyone else.

The Convention gives a definition of what people with disabilities would be considered in this agreement:

  • People that cannot take part in society on the same level as everyone else for a long time because of physical, mental reasons or because their senses or intelligence is affected also.

How does it work?

  • Governments have a responsibility to make sure that:
  • Their laws and communities do not discriminate against people with disabilities
  • People in the community are informed and aware of people with disabilities, what they are able to do and their rights to try and fight stereotypes
  • They encourage research to discovering ways to make things easier for people with disabilities
  • The new technology that comes from the research for disabled people are sold at a fair price
  • Disabled people can get their hands on information, services and support that work with their needs
  • Professionals that work with disabled people can have the training they need to help
  • Disabled adults and children have a say in action plans and rules that affect them
  • Discrimination in all shapes are put to a stop in the community and at home
  • Disabled people have the tools to be independent at home and anywhere in public (in the city or the country)

What else do I need to know?

Disabled women are a double target for discrimination and this needs to be recognized by the government. Children still have to have their rights respected on top of the disabled rights and before it. The rights, protection and safety of people with disabilities have to be guaranteed and need to be thought of during war, natural disasters and any other emergency.

Disabled people have the same rights as everyone else. This means that to be able to take advantage of those rights, they do need extra services to make sure that they can get better and get around the same as everyone else, to live a life equal to people who aren’t disabled and have the same chances as them. Governments have to work to make sure that this happens for disabled people with any research and services that need to be created. Governments around the world have to work to make sure that the agreement is followed everywhere, in all countries.

A committee (decided by the United Nations) receives and looks over complaints from people about any unfairness of breaking of the rules mentioned in the Convention. Canada does not recognize the power of the committee to take care of complaints and so there is no way to make a complaint specifically about this convention.

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