International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

This International Covenant is an agreement that is a part of the International Bill of Rights.

In this agreement, some of the rights you will find are the rights to:

  • choose who you want to be (who you support politically, to choose how you make money, to choose to be a part of your culture or community)
  • choose your work, to have safe and fair work (equal chances, fair pay and be allowed to rest)
  • protection of the family as it is recognized to be our most important group in our lives
  • acceptable living conditions
  • the best mental and physical health
  • education
  • participate in your culture
  • take advantage of the growth of knowledge in science

 How to use it?

Unfortunately, there is no plan to make sure this declaration is followed. Canada does not recognize the option to make a complaint to a committee about the government. There is no recognized group to take care of the complaint. It is put in place as a goal. 

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